Starter Guard

KTM 250 Freeride 2-Stroke Starter Guard

This Hyde Racing starter cover is made from carbon fiber / Kevlar® blend which means it is puncture and shatter resistant. Designed to keep your starter safe from damage in the event of a crash, this Hyde Racing Starter Guard also gives your bike a custom look making you stand out in a crowd.

HP-SIG-116 Starter Guard


2012-CURRENT KTM 250/300 EXC/SX/XCW 2T AND 2015-CURRENT KTM FREERIDE 2T AND 2013-CURRENT HUSABERG 250/300 SX/XC 2T AND 2014-CURRENT HUSQVARNA 250/300 TC/TE/TX 2T Hyde Racing Starter Guard for KTM, Hu..

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