HP-FG-68 Frame Guard

HP-FG-68 Frame Guard

Brand: Kawasaki
Product Code: HP-FG-68
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KAWASAKI KX 450 F 4T AND KLX 450 R 4T  2006-2008

2006-2008 KAWASAKI KX 450 F 4T AND KLX 450 R 4T

Hyde Racing Frame Guards for Kawasaki 450 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Complete set of frame guards for the right and left side, these guards are custom fit offering a sleek factory look. Manufactured with Hyde Racing's unique Teflon/Co-polymer, these frame guards will keep your bike looking new while offering a smooth surface where your boots hug the frame.

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KAWASAKI KX 450 F 4 STROKE 2006-2008

KAWASAKI KLX 450 R 4 STROKE 2006-2008

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