dB Dawg™ 8003 Spark Arrestor

dB Dawg™ 8003 Spark Arrestor

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Remove the BARK not the BITE!

dB Dawg™ 8003 Spark Arrestor Screen

  •  dB Dawg™ 4 Stroke Silencer Insert - External Fit
  •  Designed specifically for dB Dawg™ 8003
  •  Quick, secure non-permanent installation
  •  Prevents sparks or flammable debris from exiting your exhaust system
  •  Easy to install
  •  Exhaust outlets from 1.75" to 2.00"
  •  Reduces noise levels up to 10 dB with just the insert
  •  No exhaust modifications are needed.

How does the dB Dawg™ work?

Air will take the path of least resistance, but sound needs to hit something to cancel it out. The dB Dawg™ is designed in such a way (with the flat end and angled corners) that when the sound waves hit the end of the insert some of them cancel out and others bounce back into the packing of the muffler which are also cancelled out - this is also why you may need to replace the packing more frequently. The length of the shaft and the outlet hole are all exact calculations for maximum noise reduction and minimum power loss. Altering the insert in any way will render it less if not totally ineffective.

RIDERS can install the dB Dawg™ in minutes and ride at their favorite track or riding area while helping reduce exhaust noise with no noticeable power loss. Don't be turned down at the track or race because your bike failed the sound test, install the dB Dawg™ and RIDE!

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Installation instructions for your dB Dawg™ 8003

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