Screen Extender Instructions

    1.  Line up your new Hyde Racing windshield with headlight opening and make reference marks with cutout of windshield. **HINT: Place a line of tape down the screen and also on the bike for easy alignment indication.

    2.  Clean light assembly of dirt, wax or polish with rubbing alcohol or wax & grease remover

    3.  Leaving the 3M® locking tabs in place, remove the adhesive backing and carefully & firmly push windshield into place. Hold in place for several minutes.


    The adhesive will be fully cured in 72 hours.

    After the attachment points have cured you can remove the windshield to make slight adjustments.

    The adhesive tabs can be permanently removed using 3M® tape and adhesive remover.

    Windshields with brackets

    1.  Hold your new Hyde Racing windshield against the bike and check which bolts will need to be removed from your bike for installation.

    2.  Fit brackets supplied loosely to the bike

    3.  Align windshield in place, holes and brackets

    4.  Loosely tighten one bolt on each side of the windshield

    5.  On the bike, tighten bracket fully in the correct position

    6.  Remove windshield. Remove adhesive backing on the Velcro®, and also on the brackets

    7.  Using a bolt on each side of the windshield, align the brackets with the holes on windshield

    8.  Fit and hold in place for a few minutes, pushing the Velcro® firmly onto the bike

    9.  Remove the backing from the washers and place them on the front of the windshield, aligning with the holes

    10.  Apply silicone or removable Loctite® to the bolt thread and tighten dome nut

    WARNING: DO NOT over tighten as this may damage the windshield

    11.  Allow 72 hours for adhesive to bond properly

    Questions? Call Jay @ 763-263-9835 or E-mail [email protected]