Hand Guard Instructions

1.  Cut hand grips to expose bar hole **If necessary, loosen the throttle housing, slide it away from the bar and off the end. Loosen the bar controls to move them also.

2.  Tap the handlebar ends for threaded inserts using WD-40 or equivalent for a lubricant, run a 5/8" x 11" tap in the end of your aluminum bar 1-1/8". KEEP TAP CENTERED. If tap binds, back it out, blow out the shavings every half turn and continue to 1-1/8" into the bar end.

3.  Screw in the threaded insert until recessed just inside the bar 1/32" with an 8 mm hex wrench until snug, dab of Loctite┬« is OK.

CAUTION over tightening could swell the throttle diameter irreversibly.

4.  Align clamp with bar and attach other side of clamp.

**Due to the wide variety of bar ends available, the clamp may not fit on certain handle bars. Protect the bar with a soft cloth preventing the bar from touching the vice. Bend bar into position and check until clamp fits correctly.

**NOTE: While tightening the clamp, it will also pull the hand guard bar towards the handle bar.

5.  Move hand guard to the required height.

6. Tighten up bar clamp, torque the top and bottom of the clamp evenly and in sequence.

7.  Hold shield against bar and locate the best position for fitment.

8.  Hold shield firmly and mark hole position on bar, on the back of the shield.

9.  Install your hand guard shield with bolt and washer.

10.  Tighten bar end and go crash your brains out.

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