dB Dawg™ Instructions

Step One

Check to see that all the parts are available for installation, you will need a 4mm allen key as shown. Put the 2 allen screws into the sides of the insert by hand. Make sure that the opening where the allen w will fit is facing into the center of the silencer.

Step Two

With the allen key, turn the screws towards the center of the dB Dawg™ until the insert can be placed into the end of your exhaust pipe easily.

Step Three

Once inserted, make sure that the silencer insert is flush against the end of the exhaust opening - otherwise it will not work properly. **If you have a Honda, you may need to turn the insert 90° for it to sit completely flush.

Step Four

Tighten both screws with the allen key until the screws are firmly against the side of the exhaust opening wall. You should not be able to remove the insert by hand - this will ensure that it won't become dislodged while riding.

  *Read this section completely

  Silencer insert can become extremely hot after long periods of use - DO NOT TOUCH!

  Silencer insert may change color due to heat.

  As with any exhaust change - you must check your jetting as your vehicle may run richer.

  You may need to adjust your fuel screw to ensure that you have the correct fuel mixture.

  Proper muffler packing and bike maintenance are required to help maintain lowered decibel readings.

  Hyde Racing will not be held responsible for lost/stolen silencers or any injuries resulting from dislodged inserts due to improper installation or maintenance.

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