Caliper, Disc & Fork Guard Instructions

Remove any covers that may obstruct the fitment of the guard.

On the Disc Guard:

1.  Remove axle bolt that aligns with the smaller hole on the guard

2.  Remove fork cover bolts where necessary (left & right)

3.  Insert spacer on axle and fit guard

4.  Loosely tighten bolt with fender washer into axle

5.  Align other holes and insert bolts with washers before tightening

6.  Apply silicone to the base of the cap screws to stop the bolts from loosening

7.  Tighten all bolts

8.  The axle bolt should be torqued on to the spacer according to each bike's manufacturer torque specifications

On the Fork Guard:

1.  Align holes and insert all bolts first before tightening

  *DO NOT over tighten the bolts as this may damage the guard

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