HP2 Enduro

Hyde Racing Products for BMW HP2 Enduro Adventure Bike Motorcycles

AB-SG-2 Skid Plate


2004-CURRENT HP2 ENDURO Hyde Racing Skid Plates for BMW Adventure Bikes Hyde Racing skid plates are 1/3 the weight of aluminum skid plates and offer a sleek factory look. Made of a Teflon/Co-polymer..

AB-DC-2 Differential Cover


2004-CURRENT BMW HP2 ENDURO Hyde Racing Diff Guard for BMW Adventure BikesHyde Racing differential cover is manufactured from the same material as our skid plates, for extreme rock riding conditions...

AB-FG-2 Frame Guards


2004-CURRENT BMW HP2 ENDURO Hyde Racing Frame Guards for BMW HP2 Enduro Adventure BikesComplete set of frame guards for the right and left side, these guards are custom fit offering a sleek factory l..

AB-HP-2 Headlight Lens Cover


2004-CURRENT BMW HP2 ENDURO Hyde Racing Headlight Lens Cover for BMW Adventure BikesThe Hyde Racing headlight lens cover is made of shatter resistant, roost resistant PTE. These headlight lens covers..

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