TBEI Threaded Handlebar Insert Tap

TBEI Threaded Handlebar Insert Tap

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Threaded Handlebar End Insert Tap

One 5/8-11 tap to thread your handle bars to accept the inserts.

  • Mark the tap with a marker so you know how deep to go for the length of the insert
  • Use WD40 or a tap fluid to assist
  • Once tapped use contact or carburetor cleaner to remove tap residue

Hyde Racing threaded handlebar end inserts are a more secure mounting system for aluminum handlebars using wrap around style Enduro hand guards like HP-HG-001T. These inserts are sold as a set of two, install with a common hex key wrench and can be transferred from one bike to another. The threaded handlebar insert is the mos solid mount on the market at this time and out performs anything else.

The basic concept of tapping the handlebar to accept the threaded insert works awesome. By limiting the depth of the tapped handlebar you can tightly bottom out the threaded insert preventing them from loosening.

**Recommend using red Loctite® on the insert to prevent them from coming loose.

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