HP-CDF-078 Caliper, Disc & Fork Guard

HP-CDF-078 Caliper, Disc & Fork Guard

Brand: GasGas
Product Code: HP-CDF-078
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GASGAS 125/200/250/300 EC/MC 2T 2007-2011 AND 450 FSE 4T 2006-2007

GASGAS 2007-2011 125/200/250/300 EC/MC 2T AND 2006-2007 450 FSE 4T

Hyde Racing Disc Guard for GasGas 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes

Hyde Racing front brake disc and lower right fork guard is manufactured from the same material as our skid plates, for extreme rock riding conditions. Have you ever taco'ed a front brake disc and had to ride all weekend with a bent disc? Have you not been able to ride at all after you have driven for hours to ride or race? With the price of fuel, having a Hyde Racing front brake disc and lower right fork guard is cheap insurance. Take the guards off at sale time, so it doesn't look like it's been to Erzberg, and put them on your new scooter and they pay for themselves repeatedly.

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GASGAS 125 EC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 125 MC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 200 EC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 200 MC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 250 EC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 250 MC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 300 EC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 300 MC 2 STROKE 2007-2011

GASGAS 40 FSE 4 STROKE 2006-2007

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